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We found an ever increasing demand to develop a range of skin, hair and body products containing our finest crops of essential oils and vegetable oils.

We worked together with an experienced cosmetic chemist to develop and range suitable for all skin types as well as for males and females.

We developed a range that contains many natural and organic ingredients, and actives that are proven to function as it is promised. With the help of many suppliers we chose the best ingredients and packaging and we are ensuring to re-sell these products  at affordable prices.

The percentages of the actives in each product are used at it’s maximum percentage and we have ensured to stay away from parabens and formaldehydes.

Where possible we have substituted a chemical and synthetic ingredients with a natural and organic one.

All our products have been tried and tested and are suitable for even sensitive skin types.

There is a specific product for each and every one of your need.

So take joy in using our new range as we took plenty of joy in developing it especially for you 

It’s a youthful experience and we hope you love it just as much as we do.  

There are different grades of oils and we supply the purest form of oils. Be aware that not all essential oils are the same grade or considered pure. We do NOT adulterate, stretch or blend our oils nor compromise on the quality. What you buy from us is pure

As aromatherapy oils of SA is an honourable company we strive to obtain the finest ingredients sourced from trusted suppliers around the world.

Welcome to our website. Aromatherapy oils of SA offers you the premium quality pure essential oils, cold pressed vegetable based oils, and aromatherapy related products.

Our oils are sourced from legitimate and professionals growers around the world to ensure purity of the absolute highest standard. All predetermined parameters for quality control have been set to the utmost strictest limits using the GLC examination tests. We try our best to obtain the latest most up to date active ingredients, phytellines, plant extracts, botanicals to provide you our most valued customer

Suppliers of first grade, pure, natural essential oil / base oils to spa’s, salons & health care professionals. We supply a comprehensive range of aromatherapy related products, base creams, bath and massage blends, candle, pottery, and electric burners.

Aromatherapy - a natural way to health

Aromatherapy is thousands of years old. Like many other forms of healing, it developed in the Far East. There is even a legend that the famous Egyptian queen Cleopatra totally captivated the Roman emperor Anthony by using aromatic oils.

It is not important whether this legend is true or not. What is true is that all over the world aromatherapy is becoming one of the fastest growing sectors of the alternative therapy field. We in South Africa are not lagging behind.

Aromatherapists do not claim that they can actually cure anything. They do claim, however, that their oils have special qualities which improve physical or psychological well-being. They say this therapy can help restore a harmonious balance within the body. It is a powerful therapy, with plenty of effective medical uses, not just pleasant scents.

The power of smell

Smell is powerful. Aromatherapists believe it can trigger intense emotions because it can cause reactions in the emotional centre of the brain.

Our sense of smell is not as acute as that of dogs, for instance, but we can still identify about 10 000 different smells do affect the brain directly, and this can affect our moods. Studies carried out at the Minell Chemical Senses centre in Philadelphia in the United States found that the odour of lemon oil made people feel much healthier. Lavender oil made people feel relaxed. Rosemary made them more active, and neroli, valerian and nutmeg decreased embarrassment and anger.

Independent research at the University of Vienne supports the American findings. This research seeks to prove that inhaling the oils is more effective than massage. The American research showed that some odours caused an increased blood flow in the brain. Others changed the pattern of brain waves. Peppermint brings on brain waves which are linked to greater concentration, while vanilla brings on brain waves which accompany relaxation.

What are essential oils?

Essential oils are highly concentrated aromatic, volatile substances extracted from the flowers, leaves, bark, fruit and seeds of certain plants and trees. They have a highly complex chemical structure, and are said to have numerous healing properties.

Lavender, for instance, is said to have antiseptic, antibiotic and sedative properties and is used to treat a wide variety of disorders from burns to insomnia. It was successfully used in World War I to treat wounds.

Oils are generally slower-acting and less powerful than drugs, but have a wider application. Blending two or more oils further enhances their medicinal properties.

How do they work?

Essential oils are mixed with a carrier oil, such as grapeseed or sweet almond, for massage, or are dropped into water for bathing or inhalation. They have properties which allow them to be easily inhaled or absorbed into the blood through the skin. They are said to have a simultaneous effect on body and mind.

Some Aromatherapists believe that a full body massage will get oils into the bloodstream more effectively than inhalation. And, they point out, orthodox medicine now uses skin patches to get drugs into the bloodstream, using the same principle that aromatherapists do.

Remember that essential oils are in no way a replacement for medical treatment they should complement it.

What conditions respond best?

All stress-related conditions respond well, as do digestive, muscular, arthritic and rheumatic pains. Depressive disorders, such as post-natal depression, can also be helped.

Aromatherapy is becoming increasingly popular in the beauty business. There are treatments for stretch marks, sagging skins and particularly cellulite. It is widely used for skin care, with a remedy for practically every condition including acne.

Who is not suitable?

Aromatherapists believe there are no unsuitable conditions, just problems that are difficult to treat. With diseases such as cancer, the aim is not to cure, but to improve quality of life. Both pain and anxiety may be relieved.

Essential oils are safe to use at home provided you follow some basic guidelines.

Store oils in a dark place away from young children; never take them internally without expert guidance, and, with the exception of lavender, do not use neat oils on the skin.

Pregnant women, diabetics, epileptics and people with high blood pressure should get professional advice before using oils. Some oils should not be used on skin which will be exposed to sunlight.

More than just pleasant scents

Aromatherapy does provide pleasant scents aplenty. You can squirt a few drops of oil into your bath and relax as the oils relieve your stress.

You can even use special soaps which, it is whispered, have aphrodisiac qualities.

You can burn candles which release aromas, and there are little ornamental burners which heat oils, and soon pleasant aromas drift through your home.

Or you can put a drop or two of oil onto your tissue and sniff it. A pot-pourri of flowers and spices can infuse a whole room or more with yet more refreshing scent. But perhaps the most satisfying therapy of all is massage, where the essential oils are mixed with carrier oils and gently rubbed in.

The scientists say that when these oils come into contact with the skin, they stimulate nerve endings, circulation, muscles and tissues. As the oils enter the bloodstream they can have far-ranging, beneficial effects on many organs in the body.