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Avoid the risks of breast cancer. Early detection can save your life!

Specifically formulated to encourage woman to perform daily breast examination to check for irregularities and lumps.

Contains actives and botanical extracts which leaves the skin feeling silky sofy as well as firms and tones the breast area.

With regular use fine lines and dark spots will be eliminated.

HELP YOURSELF by recognizing the signs of breast cancer and AVOID THE RISKS!

APPLY YOUR BREAST DEFENSE CREAM to entire neck and breast area, whilst feeling for any lumps. ASSISTS with toning, firming,  fine lines on the neck, hydrating and nourishing the skin

  • 1 in 9 women unfortunately are prone to Breast Cancer
  • Early detection can save your life.
  • Help yourself recognise the signs to avoid the RISK!
  • Breast defence cream is specially formulated to assist in massaging the breast area to feel for any lumps or irregularities.
  • It tones, firms, uplifts & moisturises the skin.  Assists with elimination of fine lines and dark spots, leaving the breasts feeling and looking firm and smooth.