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Product Gallery

Mani and pedi range of products

  • Mattifying foot spray
  • Restoring heel balm
  • Mani moisturising mask
  • Pedi moisturising mask
  • Mani aha peeling lotion
  • Pedi aha peeling lotion
  • Mani moisturising cream
  • Pedi moisturising cream
  • Cuticle cream
  • Nail strengthening cream
  • Mani cream buff
  • Pedi salt buff

Mani aha peeling lotion and pedi aha peeling lotion

Contains natural alpha hydroxy acids, milld enough to not cause irritation but strong enough to remove the dead skin cells on your hands and feet. The fruit acids in these peels gently break the links between dead and living cells to reveal the radiance of new cells.

Nail strengthening cream

This highly regenerating cream actively protects the hands against environmental pollutants and drying affects of water.  A stunning non-oily, non-sticky texture with an amazing aroma

Mani and pedi moisturising masks

Very pleasant to apply, soothes feeling of irritation and inflammation, contains natural actives and botanicals suitable for soothing tired hands and feet. Easy to rinse off, skin will feel soft and smooth

Mani moisturising cream and pedi moisturising cream

A melting, soothing cream that is moisturising enough to massage the hands and feet, excellent slip and does not leave the hands and feet feeling greasy at all. The wonderful aromas will leave you smelling your hands all day long.

Mani cream buff and pedi salt buff

The skin is constantly renewing itself. New cells form deep down and push the old cells to the skin’s surface. These scrubs are perfect for exfoliation . dissolving dead skin cells and impurities of the skin in just a few minutes.

The pedi salt scrub turns into a cream whilst water is added.  Leaving the feet feeling silky soft.


Rich in natural and organic butters and oils pure enough to soften hard cuticles.

Use daily to ensure no further growth of hard cuticles.

PEDI ROCK SOAK - 3 variants

  1. Tea tree
  2. Ambrosia
  3. Peppermint


Tired of leaving the salon after a pedicure and slipping out of your sandals?

Just one spray of the mattifying foot spray will dry up any left over massage cream residue and grease leaving feet mattifies yet still moisturised.


Suitable for cracked, dry and damaged  heels. Within a week of use cracked heels will start looking and feeling smoother.

Contains a medley of natural and organic vegetable oils and waxes suitable for extreme dry and hard skin.

Easily absorbed and will not leave feet feeling oily or sticky.